Friday Finds: Summer Picks

Hi guys! I’m back today with my Friday Finds: Summer Picks. For this find I’m sharing some of my favorite/most loved items for summer and their dupes. One piece that I coveted over for months is the Zillah slip dress from Are You Am I that retails for $299.

Friday Finds: Summer Picks   Friday Finds: Summer Picks

After many months of searching for similar options I found 

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Friday Finds: June 3

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I know it’s been awhile, but I’m finally back with another Friday Find! Incase you were wondering, I decided to no longer do Friday Finds every week because I wanted to share quality pieces rather than rushing to find options. From here on out I will at be posting a Friday Find at least once a month, hopefully more. So anyways… without further ado, here are my Friday Finds: June 3.

The moment I saw this coach bomber I just about died. It’s the perfect shade of pink and Ioved the quilted aspect of it. Unfortunately it was way out of my budget at $495(now on sale for $299).Friday Finds: June 3

I searched everywhere for the perfect dupe and finally found it’s match from

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Friday Finds: Handbags Pt. 2

Hi guys! Happy Friday(: I apologize for not having a Friday Find last Friday, but I’m back this week and recovered from Coachella! For this Friday Find I decided to talk about handbags again because I have found such great dupes lately that I wanted to share.. So here it is, Friday Finds: Handbags Pt. 2.

Friday Finds: Handbags Pt. 2     Friday Finds: Handbags Pt. 2

One of my most loved bags is my Small Chloe Faye in black. Before

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Friday Finds: Coachella Edition

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Coachella is only a week away so I thought I would put together some festival finds at a lower price! So here it is Friday Finds: Coachella Edition. My first pick is this two piece set by For Love & Lemons. This is the Mojavi Crop Top and Shorts from their Summer 2015 collection. Although you can no longer get this set, the top and bottom retailed for around $105 each.

Friday Finds: Coachella EditionWhile shopping online at Forever 21 I found this two piece set that is almost identical to the FL&L version. This would be PERFECT for Coachella or

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Friday Finds: Shoes Pt. 2

Happy Friday! It’s finally Friday and you all know what that means.. time for a Friday Find and today we’re talking shoes. If you’ve seen my previous Friday Finds you would know that my very first one was about footwear. Because of all my recent shoe finds we’re now bringing it full circle so here it is, Friday Finds: Shoes Pt. 2.

One of my all time favorite shoes are the Isabel Marant Jaeryn/Caroll Sandals. If you are familiar with Isabel Marant you would know that these sandals in all styles are super popular. I’ve always dreamed of getting myself a pair, however they retail for around $680-$720.
Friday Finds: Shoes Pt. 2   Friday Finds: Shoes Pt. 2

I’ve coveted these shoes forever and after much searching I have finally found great alternative pairs! The first pair is

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Friday Finds: Tops

Happy Friday! I’m back with another Friday find and today we are talking about tops. Since fashion is constantly changing it’s not always economical to spend a bunch of money on a blouse you may only wear a few times. Luckily there are so many cheaper options that are almost identical or give you the same look. I’m going to start with some of my recent finds that I have actually purchased. Silk camisoles are super popular this spring because they look great with everything and are super lightweight. The one negative thing about them is they tend to be really expensive for such a small piece of fabric. For example this first top from Are You Am I retails for $279!!!Friday Finds: TopsAfter coveting this top for so long I finally found a similar version from

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Friday Finds: Belts

Happy Friday!! I’m back with another Friday Find and today I’m talking about Belts. Belts have always been used to hold up your pants, but these days they have become the “go-to” accessory when styling any outfit. One of the most popular companies for belts is B-low the Belt, however their prices aren’t very low. For this Friday Find, I decided to put the cost for each item so you could really see the difference in prices between the designer versions and my picks. The first group of belts are popular styles from this company that also have a higher price tag. Friday Finds: Belts

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Friday Finds: Summer Edition

We made it, it’s finally the weekend! Summer is approaching quickly, so I decided to share some of my recent bikini and accessory finds. Bathing suits are so incredibly expensive for just a tiny piece of fabric and you usually have to purchase the top and bottom separately. Unfortunately some of the cutest bikinis are usually $100+ per piece…And for someone like me who doesn’t always go to the beach, I definitely don’t want to spend that. So without further ado here are my Friday Finds: Summer Edition.Friday Finds: Summer Edition  Friday Finds: Summer Edition

If you are familiar with the brand For Love & Lemons, you would probably know that

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Friday Finds: Handbags

It’s finally the weekend! For today’s Friday find I’m going to be talking about handbags. I personally am a firm believer in saving up for that one special bag. On the other hand, if you like changing things up regularly it may not be the greatest investment for you. One of my favorite bags is the Chloé Faye. Aside from being seen on pretty much every fashion blogger, its simple but cool giving off a 70s vibe.
Friday Find: Handbag

I found a couple of bags from two different stores that have this same look. The first

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Friday Finds: Shoes

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I’m going to be doing a series every Friday that consists of my recent “finds.” Most of these items will be pieces that look designer, but at a much lower cost. This week I’m talking about some of the shoes that I’ve been loving, but don’t want to pay the price for. A shoe that is becoming very popular lately is the Isabel Marant “White Leather Bart Sneakers,” however they are $390..ouch!

Friday Finds: Shoes Designer Low Price


I happened to find myself a pair of similar looking sneakers from

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